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At KEI, we provide complete residential building services form start to finish. We come with 45 years of experience on all types of construction services.

  • Detailed design and construction process

  • Architectural Design Services

  • Interior Design Services

  • Team up with the best designers chosen for your style of home

We have extensive walking projects through:

  • Zoning

  • HOA’s

  • Permitting (Building, Septic, Water, Roads)

  • Remodel or Ground Up

  • Expertise in rural and difficult sites such as:

  • Sensitive to the environment around your home 

  • Installation of Infrastructure

  • Blasting

  • Poor Soils 

  • Water Mitigation

  • Hillsides

  • Preservation of natural surroundings

  • Detailed and extensive management of budget

  • No hidden costs

  • Open communication and continuous updates

  • Hands on personal service from the owner/builder on every project

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